KAP Antarctica

Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) at Cape Denison was a challenge – the wind is the strongest recorded at sea level on the planet. ┬áMostly it blew from midnight to midday, and it was strong and cold.

The only kite which worked was a Harald Prinzler FF03a (made by Sally).

The allup weight of the rig was just under 2kg.  The setup was pretty reliable, it never crashed and never misbehaved except when the wind was very strong (around 40kts)

First KAP-12 SONY DSC Kite rig and gear-4 Kite rig and gear-8 Kite rig and gear-Antarctica 2010 Kite rig-1 Kites eye view of quad bike and string2 IMG_0064 IMG_0097 IMG_0630 IMG_6708 Seals on ice floes in Boat Harbour

Penguin colony count

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