How to edit an essay

When you are starting to write assignments it’s difficult to turn the research into clear, readable prose.  If you manage to do that, you will get better marks, but you will also be able to order your thoughts more clearly and put across your ideas more convincingly.

Here is an example of how to edit an essay.  There are 4 main documents:

Document 0 How to edit an essay

Document 1 as presented

Document 2 editing changes

Document 3 final version

and then a good example of what I’m talking about from the New Yorker:

Essay example from New Yorker


To use this resource properly read the original and the final version, then have a window with the editing version and another with my commentary.  Follow the commentary and refer to the editing version.

It really isn’t hard to edit something – there’s a stepwise process you work through, each step being easy.  You’ll be surprised at the results you get if you follow these steps.


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